Built on Faith and Love

Winterfield has been blessed with dedicated members and pastors, who have contributed to the spiritual and physical growth of the church. The stained glass windows on the north side of the building and the one at the entrance to the sanctuary are dedicated to such members. Also, there is an eternal light at the front of the sanctuary, given and dedicated June 20, 1982 in memory of Mrs. Thelma Gore for her faithful love and service to Winterfield.

Walking around our buildings you will find names in memory or and in honor of, on plaques, crosses and windows. The choir bells were also such tributes, given in honor and memory of several wonderful members. Please note those honored in our Hall of Crosses, the ornate, the simple, the beautiful and the reverent, all of them a wonderful memory and honor trove of walking with Christ.

There is an Honor Roll that commemorates those members who have served in the armed forces. It is located in the breezeway entrance near the restrooms.