Wedding Guidelines

At Winterfield United Methodist Church, we take great joy in hosting Services of Christian Marriage, and we would love to discuss the possibility of being a part of your special day. Although you may feel free to tour the facilities to see if you are interested in holding your ceremony here, no wedding ceremonies will be booked at Winterfield UMC until the bride and groom have had a conversation with our pastor. The ceremony must not conflict with the theology of the United Methodist Church, and if you wish to have someone other than our pastor officiate the service, the individual you choose must be approved by our pastor. There are seldom any issues, but if anything arises we will work with you, if you so desire, to resolve them. Some examples of theological conflicts might be as follows:

  1. In the United Methodist Church, men and women are considered equals in life and within the marriage covenant. No language can be used stating that one accepts subservience to the other.
  2. Under no circumstances can anyone be re-baptized in the United Methodist Church.
  3. If the sacrament of Holy Communion is to be celebrated as part of the service, it must be offered to all who are present. Communion cannot be served only to the couple or to any select group of people. In the United Methodist Church, the table is always open to all.

Depending on the facilities being used, there will also be guidelines for decorations, florists, photographers, videographers, etc.  We are working on revising these guidelines currently and will post them here when they are fully revised. However, copies of the current guidelines are available from the church office.  Regardless of location, any wedding ceremony held on the campus of Winterfield UMC is considered a service of worship and will be treated as such.

Available Facilities

The following facilities are available to be used for weddings and receptions:

  • The Traditional Sanctuary
  • The Great Room/Contemporary Worship Space at The Anchor
  • The Fellowship Hall
  • The Prayer Garden
  • Smaller classrooms if appropriate for smaller events
  • Fellowship Hall Kitchen
  • Full Commercial Kitchen in The Anchor
  • Atrium & Coffee Bar Area in The Anchor