Sunday School Classes

Winterfield is pleased to provide Christian Education classes for all ages every Sunday morning.  Adult classes meet in the Education Wing.  Children's classes meet in the Children's Wing.  Youth classes meet in The Anchor.

Children’s Classes

Sunday School is provided for children from age 4 through 5th grade. Our children start together for music and then split up to explore God’s word through art, storytelling, and Drama.

Youth Classes

Youth in Jr. High and Sr. High engage in studies focused on the teachings of Jesus Christ. The classes currently include students from Longview, Hallsville, Spring Hill, New Diana, and Pine Tree

The Discovery Class

Mature adults who are married and single make up this class, where they intensely look at the Bible, its history and background. Visitors and new members are always welcome to stop in and stay a part of this close, loving class.

The Genesis II Class

A fun-loving ageless group that study a mixture of prepared studies, scripture, and denominational texts, this class focuses on the application of Christian concepts in daily life to help each person grow in his or her ability to serve as a representative of Christ to the world.

The Fellowship Class

This class consists of married couples and singles who are in the middle age range to mature age. They participate in quarterly bible studies as well as in the support of local missions.

The Winmore Class

The Winmore Class consists of married couples and singles ranging from  middle-aged to mature adults. Their Sunday School lessons are taken from a publication of the United Methodist Church.

The Basic Class

This class consists of young adults starting in their 20’s including married couples (with & without children) as well as single members. The topics relate to the books of the Bible and incorporate family values and experiences in wonderful discussions and lots of laughs.

The Seekers Class

This class includes adults of all ages with a wide range of married and single adults (with and without children of all ages). Topics generally cover controversial Christian Issues. Members say this class is “not your typical Sunday School Class.”


Steven Newcomb